Group Classes and Private Instruction

For me, yoga has always been a means to build calm and attention. Over the last 20 years, the evolution of my personal practice and teaching style has led me to honor the meditative and spiritual core of the yoga tradition while exploring modern techniques that focus on mobility while preserving tranquility.  

I use familiar yoga poses as a way to investigate where soft tissue restrictions lie. This often involves tweaking poses and changing the alignment slightly, asking someone to pulse, reach, or add small joint circles, all in an effort to create more freedom to move and more curiosity about their own body.

This also means that I work asymmetrically with clients to balance left right discrepancies in strength and body awareness. My goal is to preserve the magic of the yoga asana practice while making space for curiosity, customization, and modernization without the distractions that  make us less aware of ourselves and our interactions with others.

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